Rapid prototyping and its associated services can change the way to work for many professionals as architects, designers, artists, industrials or even cooks and bakers for example. New designs are available, those are impossible to be created by hand and are now easily accessible.

Time saving

Do you need to produce a part, a prototype or a model in a record time ? CAD, 3D scanning and 3D printing allow to get in a few hours what could take several weeks before.


3D technologies of scanning and printing allow to get a 25 microns precision which is less than a hair thickeness. A large choice of materials is available, from plastic to resin whithout forgeting the metal or the wax.

CREAWORKS opens new horizons in your activity.

360° objects scanning

We can scan any object in three dimensions, whatever may be its size or material . We use various technologies as 3D laser scanner, 3D structured light scanner and advanced photogrammetry with 4k cameras depending on the nature of objects and their sizes.

3D Printing

We can print from computer files any 3-dimensional parts / objects of different sizes and in many materials with an accuracy of a few microns.

Technical advices

We will assist you in all your projects, explaining the different possibilities. You can contact us even if you are a complete novice .

3d Modelisations

With C.A.D, we can create 3-dimensional objects from your sketches. We use softwares as Rhino, Solidworks, IronCAD, Modo or ZBrush. We will provide you 3D computer files that will then be printed thereafter. If necessary, we also provide you value-added services such as mechanical simulation or photographic rendering.


The dematerialization of objects with CAD and 3D scanning allows to work remotely , exchanging instantly on Internet . We can send you by email generated images of your objects for validation before starting production on the 3D printer.

Open to all

3D printing , CAD and 3D scan are no longer limited to large companies. Whether you are a jeweler, designer , architect, craftsman , artist, or even health professional, you can benefit from the latest innovations in this field without being a specialist or even a connoisseur.

Your project

A prototype, a model, some plans or any object to create from sketches or pictures.

An existing object to scan , duplicate, edit or get plans.


Our solutions

Analysing sketches and creation of 3D CAD models

3D printing from 3D file

3D scanning of any existing object

  • Time saving;
  • New possibilities for your business;
  • Innovation;
  • Quality;
  • Competitive advantage;


See some of our last creations.

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Advanced Augmented Reality

Discover how Augmented Reality (AR) can help you for your communications and marketing.

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Mobile apps for 3D content

Check our demo mobile apps to see how innovative 3D content can be used.

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Discover how 3D scanning and solid remodelisation allow creation of plans dedicated to reverse enginering activity.

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It's possible to create any kind of objects inside a 3D computer file. We generaly use paper sketches of profile and face of the object. It can be for example a jewel, a mechanical part, some artwork or a prototype

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Discover how something virtual, a 3D object contained inside a computer file, can be transformed into a physical object, which can be taken into hands after having traveled on Internet.

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BP 60020
78601 Maisons Laffitte Cedex
T +33 (0)6 79 33 75 46
Skype: creaworks.3d

Roger, pastry

Creaworks allowed me to create new molds with an innovative design for my chocolate creations.

Stéphanie, jewelery

For our jewelry , we addressed to Creaworks who proposed us a simple and effective solution for truly innovative designs.

Paul , industrial

We had old broken pieces of steel we wanted to renew . After having scanned them, Creaworks was able to offer us the molds to produce new , identical pieces to the old ones.

Aline, architect

We wanted to offer our customers a model architecture of an existing neighborhood. Through aerial photogrammetry , Creaworks was able to provide a turnkey model integrating our project building in its environment.

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